Enquiries about the Scottish Championships should not be sent through this form. Look at the Entry Form or email ScottishChessChampionships@yahoo.com with your enquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get directions to the venue?

  1. Go to the Home page
  2. Make sure selected tab is 'venue'
  3. Click on the 'Directions' button on the Google Maps widget - opens a new tab
  4. Enter your address in the text box which says “Choose starting point or clicking on the map”

Alternatively, go directly to Google Maps

How do I add the tournament calendar to my Google account?

  1. Go to the Home page
  2. Select the 'Calendar' tab
  3. At the bottom of the Google Calendar widget, select the button which says ‘+GoogleCalendar’
  4. A new tab will open and a popup box appears. Select 'Yes, add this calendar'

Alternatively, go directly to Google Calendar

How do I play through a chess game from the 1867 tournament?

  1. Go to the History Page
  2. Select the '1867 Games' tab
  3. The game viewers are selected by clicking on them and can be played through either by clicking on the arrow buttons or using the arrow keys