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The main objective of the tournament is to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the world famous Dundee International Chess Tournament which was held in 1867, with a similarly prestigious all-play-all tournament of 10 invited International Grandmasters and to host the 124th Scottish Chess Championships, which will run concurrently from 15-23 July 2017. The first round of the Anniversary Tournament will take place a day earlier to give the players a free day

For the 150th Anniversary Tournament, it is expected that the participants will feature several well known International Grandmasters

The main tournaments will take place during afternoons from 15-23 July in the Bonar Hall, Dundee, with other events taking place in the mornings within the Bonar Halls complex

The event will link with The McManus: Dundeeā€™s Art Gallery and Museum which also will celebrate its 150th Anniversary in 2017. The building now commemorates Dundee Lord Provost, Maurice McManus, who served from 1960-1968. In its current form, it re-opened in 2010 after a multi-million-pound refit.

The Annual Scottish Chess Championships (first held in 1884) have taken place in Dundee on 14 previous occasions but the last time was 40 years ago in 1976. Prior to that, in 1967, it was held along with the 100th Anniversary International Tournament, with both events being organised by the President of the Scottish Chess Association, Dr W.A. Fairhurst (who designed the Tay Road Bridge which was opened in 1966, the year before the 1967 tournament) with Lord Provost, Maurice McManus, and the Dundee City Council.

Therefore it is appropriate for both of next year's events to be held in Dundee.

The Dundee Lord Provost and the Dundee City Council are providing valuable assistance and encouragement for the organisation, for which the organisers are most grateful.

Programme & Schedule

The entire Bonar Halls complex is reserved for the period Saturday 15th July until Sunday 23rd July 2017

The Anniversary Tournament and Scottish Championships will take place from 2pm to 7pm, with the Anniversary Tournament starting a day earlier and having a free day in the middle

There will also be side tournaments during the week taking place from 9:30am to 1pm, incorporating junior and senior events

Date Anniversary Tournament (2pm - 7pm) Scottish Championships (2pm - 7pm) Rapid Events (10am - 1pm) Weekday Events (9:30am - 1pm)
13th July Draw (at 8pm) Nothing Nothing Nothing
14th July Round 1 Nothing Nothing Nothing
15th July Round 2 Round 1 Blitz tournament Nothing
16th July Round 3 Round 2 Nothing Round 1
17th July Round 4 Round 3 Nothing Round 2
18th July Round 5 Round 4 Nothing Round 3
19th July Free Day Round 5 Nothing Round 4
20th July Round 6 Round 6 Nothing Round 5
21st July Round 7 Round 7 Nothing Round 6
22nd July Round 8 Round 8 Rapid tournament Rounds 1-3 Nothing
23rd July Round 9 Round 9 Rapid tournament Rounds 4-6 Nothing

Prizegiving for all events will take place after play has finished on 23rd July

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Organisation of the 150th Anniversary Tournament is the responsibility of a committee comprising of officials from Dundee Chess Club (est. 1847) and Castlehill Chess Club Dundee (est. circa 1970)

Committee Role Name Role in Chess
Co-ordinator Jean Chalmers Secretary of TAFCA and Dundee Chess Club
Ordinary Member Alan Borwell President of TAFCA and treasurer of Dundee Chess Club
Ordinary Member James Anderson President of Dundee Chess Club
Ordinary Member Keith Rose Secretary of Castlehill Chess Club Dundee and Organiser of Dundee and Angus Chess Congress
Ordinary Member Ray Noble Competition Organiser of Castlehill Chess Club Dundee and TAFCA individual events organiser
Ordinary Member Paul Shafi Creator of Dinosaur Chess
Ordinary Member David Findlay Vice-President of Dundee Chess Club
Ordinary Member Alastair Dawson Organiser of Dundee City teams in Scottish National Chess Leagues
Ordinary Member Gordon Robertson Member of Dundee Chess Club